Illinois Fathers' Rights

Although there is no legal preference for mothers over fathers in Illinois custody cases, men frequently worry that they will not be awarded sufficient parenting time with their children. If you have these concerns, it is best to speak with an experienced fathers' rights lawyer.

Attorney Lynn A. Cohen has more than 30 years of legal experience. She can protect your parental rights in custody and paternity cases. You can rely on her knowledge of Illinois family law and her skill as a negotiator, mediator and trial lawyer. Contact the firm today to make an appointment.

Representing Fathers In Custody And Paternity Cases

When parents divorce, they can work toward a custody and visitation agreement using negotiation or mediation. If they cannot agree, the case may go to trial. To protect your rights to your child, it is critical that you have an attorney's representation during all of these processes.

Unmarried fathers must take extra steps to establish rights to their children. They can file a paternity action and be legally recognized as their child's father. An unmarried father's rights to child custody and visitation cannot begin until paternity is determined. Paternity also gives the child access to child support, health insurance and additional benefits from the father.

Paternity can be a contentious issue, but establishing legal paternity can significantly affect a child's well-being emotionally and financially.

Protect Your Relationship With Your Child

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