Child Support

There are statutory guidelines for determining child support in Illinois. Each parent's net income is one of the primary factors in the determination. Most child support cases do not deviate much from the guidelines. In some cases, however, such as those involving high-income families, exceptions may be made. The burden of proof is on the parent who requests the deviation.

You can request a higher amount of support if the child's needs require it. Speak with a lawyer to learn how the law may apply to your case. Attorney Lynn A. Cohen in Skokie has more than 30 years of experience. She can review your financial circumstances and your child's needs. With her experience, she can assess your chances for receiving additional support.

Protect Your Child After He Or She Turns 18

In addition to child support determination, attorney Cohen can assist you with child support for college expenses and children with special needs. Section 513 of the family law code allows the court to award support for children who are age 18 or older. This section covers higher education costs as well as care for children who are mentally or physically disabled.

To provide for a special needs child after the child turns 18, you will need to take certain steps. One of these is to set up child support that continues after age 18. Ms. Cohen can represent you during this process, whether it occurs when child support is initially determined or post-decree as a modification. You can reach an agreement on this matter through mediation or negotiation, or resolve it at trial.

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