Same-Sex Marriage Dissolution

Because Illinois legalized same-sex marriage, couples who entered into these marriages will go through a divorce process that is essentially the same as a heterosexual couple's divorce. The laws governing same-sex marriage are fairly new, however, so it is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience to protect your rights.

Attorney Lynn A. Cohen has been practicing law for more than 30 years. She has extensive Illinois family law experience, and is known for her aggressive approach to representation. Whether you resolve your divorce through negotiation, mediation or at trial, she will fight to protect your interests at every stage of the process.

The Experience To Represent You In Simple Or Complex Divorce

People ending a same-sex marriage will face the same decisions as heterosexual couples in a divorce. Attorney Cohen will help you through issues such as:

After discussing your case, Ms. Cohen will explain your rights and options. In most divorce cases, the parties reach an agreement out of court through negotiation or mediation. Ms. Cohen is an experienced mediator who understands how to represent clients through the process. She is also a skilled negotiator who strives for her clients' best interests at all times.

If your divorce cannot be resolved in this manner, however, attorney Cohen can take it to trial. She is equally skilled arguing cases in front of judges.

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