Divorce Settlement, Mediation & Collaborative Law

A Respected Illinois Divorce Negotiation Lawyer Helps You Avoid The Hassles Of Court

While courtroom battles are sometimes inevitable, a much more effective and measured way to work through a divorce is through mediation, or the collaborative law process, which can help you and your spouse reach a settlement to which you both agree. To make this happen, you need a skilled attorney familiar with divorce mediation and collaborative law in Illinois. Attorney Lynn A. Cohen has more than 30 years of experience in helping clients in the northern suburbs effectively reach strong agreements in their divorces, leaving everyone — including children — in a good position moving forward.

Why Is Divorce Settlement A Better Option?

Nobody truly wins when a divorce case goes to court, as the stress, worry and expenses pile up quickly. When this happens, you likely end up paying large court and attorney fees, especially if you and your spouse cannot seem to agree on anything. This takes an emotional toll as you worry about your future and your children's future. For this reason, we always recommend engaging in settlement discussions, a much more relaxed process that allows you and your spouse to work together toward an amicable agreement concerning the division of property, child support, maintenance / alimony, child custody, parental rights and any other issues. We can get this process started by working with opposing counsel to help you and your spouse reach an agreement on your own or as a team.

We Give You The Tools For An Expedited Divorce Process

Together with your attorney, you can use the settlement /collaborative process to make important decisions that affect the rest of your life. If necessary, our team works with your spouse's lawyers to reach a strong agreement, which can also alleviate stress on your part.

While settlement mediation and collaboration are valuable resources for divorcing couples, you must know your options and how to get the most out of the process. We provide trusted legal counsel at each step, leveraging our knowledge and experience to get results for you. Of course, if court action is necessary, we aggressively represent you to ensure you uphold your best interests.

Work With A Skilled Divorce Lawyer

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