Collaborative Divorce

Family law alternative dispute resolution (ADR) includes mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce. The atmosphere of ADR is more relaxed than a courtroom trial. In collaborative divorce, the parties are encouraged to talk openly and compromise instead of arguing. In some cases, other professionals such as divorce coaches will help facilitate productive conversation between the spouses. The focus is on reaching an agreement without the need for a trial.

At the Law Office of Lynn A. Cohen in Skokie, you can learn whether collaborative divorce is the right solution for you. Attorney Lynn A. Cohen is an experienced divorce lawyer and mediator who is also trained as a collaborative divorce lawyer. She can represent you in Illinois collaborative divorce, ensuring that your rights are protected.

Work Together Toward An Agreement

In a collaborative divorce, each person is represented by a lawyer and signs an agreement stating that they will reach a negotiated settlement. If they cannot reach an agreement, the divorce will go to trial and the couple must retain new lawyers.

The failure of collaborative divorce means the couple will need to spend more time and money hiring new attorneys and pursuing traditional divorce litigation. This may create additional incentive for the parties to work together.

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