Spousal Support

The determination of spousal maintenance (support/alimony) can be a contentious issue. Whether you are the spouse who will pay or receive maintenance, you want to be certain that the amount is fair to you.

Family law attorney Lynn A. Cohen can protect your rights in divorce, including spousal maintenance determination. She has the ability and experience to represent you during negotiations, at mediation or in collaborative divorce. If an agreement cannot be reached, she can take the matter to trial. Ms. Cohen is an aggressive trial lawyer who will fight hard for you.

Spousal Maintenance May Be Awarded Temporarily Or Permanently

In Illinois, spousal maintenance is typically granted in the following ways:

  • Temporary maintenance — A spouse may receive temporary support while the divorce is in progress. When the divorce is finalized, the party receiving support may or may not be awarded another type of support, depending on the case.
  • Rehabilitative maintenance — This will give the person time to acquire education or training so he or she can become self-sufficient.
  • Permanent maintenance — This type of support has become rarer. It may be awarded to a spouse from a long-term marriage who has not worked or obtained an education because he or she has supported the family at home. A spouse who is unable to earn a livable wage because he or she has is ill or disabled may also receive permanent support.

In addition to assisting you with initial determinations, attorney Cohen can represent you in the modification of maintenance orders. She represents people seeking or contesting modifications.

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